LED Downlights

Low profile, durable retrofit kits, designed for long life and low maintenance

Venture Lighting’s LED downlight retrofit kits are low profile, durable, and designed for long life and low maintenance. Designed to fit into existing 8” and 10” diameter openings, these retrofit kits quickly and easily upgrade metal halide wattages up to 175W or 150W and compact fluorescent wattage up to 2x42W with an energy saving LED 54W. These downlights are mounted to an extruded aluminum heat sink which is designed to ensure proper thermal management of the system. This design allows for a cooler running LED chip which leads to longer lifetime, better efficacy, and color consistency and comply with all US and Canadian safety standards.

WattsOrder CodeEnergy Star Model#Lumen OutputCCTCRIDiameterReplace ExistingIES FileLighting Design Tool
18W DL61337 VL1-DLB018X-MDA-VVAD00 1440 4000K 80+ 6" Up to 2x26W Up to 70W
40W DL29815 VL1-DLC040X-MDA-VVAD00 2870 4000K 80+ 8" Up to 2x32W Up to 100W
54W DL20658 VL1-DLC054[W|D|N|C]-MDA[WH|BK|BZ|SL]AD00 4100 4000K 80+ 8" Up to 2x42W Up to 175W
54W DL31852 VL1-DLD054[W|D|N|C]-MDA[WH|BK|BZ|SL]AD00 3790 4000K 80+ 10" Up to 2x42W Up to 175W